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Adventure tourism in recent years has grown dramatically in our country, the number of professionals dedicated to the tourism sector more sporting and adventurous has multiplied and more and more companies are dedicated to provide the public these exciting activities. Taking off from a plane, jumping into a giant sphere on the side of a mountain, or flying over the sea are some of the latest trends that adventure tourism has engineered. These companies are located throughout Spain and today we make a brief review of some of the most exciting adventure sports that can be performed in the Iberian peninsula.


Tourism and adventure sports in Cangas de Onis

The area of ​​Cangas de Onis and Arriondas, in the east of Asturias, is one of the zones that more activities of adventure tourism offers of all Spain. Its proximity to the Picos de Europa and the incredible natural surroundings of the whole area make possible the practice of numerous adventure sports. Among the most requested activities is the popular descent in canoe of the river sella, canyoning, quad and buggy routes or high mountain excursions with snowshoes by the summits of the Picos de Europa. In the whole area of ​​Cangas de Onis and Arriondas there are numerous companies dedicated to adventure tourism, specialized companies and with long years of experience behind them. According to internet users, some of the best rated companies are Jaire Aventura, Cangas Aventura or Aventura Norte. To Gijón and Oviedo the distance by bus from Cangas de Onis is about 90 kilometers. Undoubtedly adventure tourism is one of the best plans to do in Asturias.


Salto en paracaídas, Madrid

The community of Madrid and surroundings is the place of Spain that offers more possibilities to those who seek to launch themselves from a plane in free fall. Madrid and Toledo have the perfect facilities for the practice of this exciting sport that every day gets more and more adepts who are confessed totally hooked to the adrenaline that is released with the experience. In the different centers and companies of skydiving can make jumps in tandem if you do not have experience and also you can realize training courses. In particular the jumps take place at about 4000 meters of altitude and during the fall they reach to reach about 200 kilometers per hour. In Madrid and Toledo there are a few companies dedicated to recreational skydiving, the most outstanding are: Skydive Madrid, and Skydive Lillo which is in Toledo. If you are one of the many who consider jumping from an airplane in one of these companies will be able to help you.


Zorbing en España

One of the activities that are causing the greatest sensation in the world is the Zorbing, also known in Spain as spherism, which consists of something as simple and yet as original as getting into a sphere of plastic protected by air and roll by a circuit Or down hill circling uncontrollably. It may seem crazy but those who try it say that it is an unforgettable experience and worth repeating. It has its origin in New Zealand and has quickly spread all over the world until arriving in Spain where more and more companies offer the Zorbing within its activities of adventure sports. In La Rioja we will find the company Campo Activo, located in Hornos de Moncalvillo, you can also practice Zorbing with Galicia Adventure, which is an online company that is dedicated to organizing activities throughout Galicia. In Grajera, province of Segovia is Grajera Aventura, in the Parc del Forum in Barcelona is SphereMania and on the outskirts of Madrid, in Tres Cantos, the company No name Sport, which can be easily reached from the center of Madrid, also Includes Zorbing among its activities.


Flyboard en España

Of all the risky or adventure sports that have emerged in recent years, it is perhaps the flyboard that has the greatest media and growth echoes. Do you imagine flying like Iron Man in the middle of the sea? Well with the Flyboard it is possible. This is a recent invention of the company Zapata Racing that used their knowledge as manufacturers of watercraft to develop the Flyboard, which quickly gained popularity thanks to Youtube. The flyboard allows to fly up to 12 meters above the water thanks to the propulsion of a watercraft that connects to the board through a hose and transmits all the force of propulsion necessary to fly. More and more companies are dedicated to offer this exciting activity, among the pioneers of the Flyboard in Spain are Xtremox Flyboard Valencia, Flyboard Torrevieja and Flyboard Benidorm, all located in the Mediterranean. Also on the coast of Cantabria has begun Flyboard fever and companies like Pro Flyboard working in Santander and some points of the Euskadi coast, such as Deba, Mutriku or Getxo near Bilbao. Asturias also joins the fashion thanks to Flyboard Astur, which have their base of operations in Gijón.

Submarinismo y esnórquel en Andalucía

The Spanish coast is almost entirely surrounded by the sea and this makes it possible to have many possibilities for diving, snorkeling and all kinds of sports that involve diving underwater and enjoying. To practice diving one has to have some underwater training, however the snorkeling is something more affordable for everyone and it takes much less material, with a neoprene suit, fins, goggles and breathing tube, which said By the way, hence the name of the snorkel. Among the best areas of the peninsula to practice them are Malaga or Granada, with veteran companies such as ScubAzul (Málaga), Happy Divers in Estepona, Aqualia Diving, located in the Natural Park of La Herradura in Granada and the Dardanus Diving School in Calahonda, Pomegranate. With all of them it is possible to take diving courses for all levels and also the well-known sea baptism, which is basically the first immersion of a person at the bottom of the sea.