Inflatable balloon, shovel, bucket …
At the beach, children have only one desire: to have fun and enjoy! It is therefore essential to bring a few beach games so they do not get bored.
Have you thought about the inflatable ball? This classic beach games will amuse them! To make passes in the water or on the sand, the inflatable balloon is perfect. In addition, unlike leather versions, for example, it does not hurt when it happens to fall on the head of someone in full session “bronzette” …
Shovels, rakes, buckets and others are also to be brought along with you to the beach. Your little ones will love to build castles with sand and water and imagine a lot of stories.

Racket games and tennis

Going to the beach is also an opportunity to practice different activities. Snowshoeing is a great idea to have fun while having fun. From speedminton to racket ball, the ideas of racquet games are multiple.
You prefer to handle the ball? Propose a sandball tournament or a beach volleyball session. No doubt you will not have any trouble falling asleep at night after all these activities!


This is the ultimate favorite among beachgoers. It can be played anywhere and all you need is a net and volleyball. Order your kit now!

Beach Football

The beach football is soft enough for easy handling with your feet and arms. Two or more people can play together with an infinity of rules. Get your ball here.


The beach allows rugby to become a comfortable game where all ages can participate. Mostly played with 4 people or more.


This game is very popular among people in Spain and it can be very challenging at some point. Two rackets and one shuttlecock are needed. Order your set here.