The electric cooler: the most powerful

Electric coolers keep food cool longer than conventional models because they produce cold and not just keep it cool.
They can be operated by plugging 12V into a cigarette lighter socket, or into a 220V socket on a traditional socket in the house.

Each of the cooler models show different performance depending on size and brand. It is therefore important to make a choice by defining its future uses.

Note that there are even genuine “mini” refrigerators that work with compressors like traditional fridges. This type of cooler is ideal in car and camping but displays higher rates.

The passive cooler: the most popular

These are the coolers that everyone knows. They are also called “rigid ice boxes”. Unlike electric coolers, they do not produce cold but retain for a longer or shorter period the goods that you entrust to them.
To help them in their task, cold accumulators are generally used. They allow the coolers to improve their performance.
Like their cousins, the performance of these coolers varies according to models and brands. These coolers are ideal for use in camping or fishing for example.

The softest cooler: the lightest

Flexible coolers or textile coolers are as their name suggests in fabrics. They are generally used for picnics, for bringing food to friends or lunch in the office.
Of the three categories of cooler, these are obviously the least efficient, however, they are ample enough for limited times and when temperatures are not too high.

Once again, depending on the models, performance fluctuates between 3 and 12 hours. If you want to improve the cooling time of your textile cooler, do not hesitate to use ice bread.

Guarantees for these products vary greatly depending on the ranges and manufacturers. All our products are guaranteed for at least 1 year but some Campingaz coolers are guaranteed for up to 30 years!

The accessories:

Tristar cooler holder
Support for Tristar cooler.
There are not many, there are 12V / 220V converters that allow to connect simple 12 volts coolers to a standard 220V socket. It is also possible to buy a 12V extension cord to connect your cooler more easily if the initial cord is not long enough.
Supports are also available and allow you to put your cooler up high so you do not have to lean too low whenever you need something.
Finally, there are ice breads that go in all models and extend the shelf life of food.
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