Tips for not getting the wrong postcard

To not shock your recipient, only one method: the analysis!

In short you will have to choose a card representative of the person to whom you wish to send it. After all, it shows you know her …

For the baroudeur, choose a card that makes him discover the thousand and one secrets of the region of your stay. Small secret streets, confidentially and unrecognized waterfalls of the tourists or original nook, it will know to appreciate the particular attention that you destine to him.

For the gourmand, a small tour of the culinary specialties could prove to be wise. But do not do it in the common place. A Nice salad in Nice or a sauerkraut in Strasbourg might not surprise him. Try to hit hard with a little more original dish.

For romantic dreamers, a piece of beach or mountain will fly. Prefer a sunrise or sunset, a foggy forest, a stormy mountain or any other landscape capable of inflating their imagination and taking them to an almost inaccessible place.

Art lovers will admire the plastic beads you will share with him. The stars are full of eyes, they will be ecstatic in front of a Warhol of the Guggenheim or in front of a self-portrait of Van Gogh, the red-haired painter, coming directly from the eponymous museum of Amsterdam.

As for introverts, who do not reveal too much their secrets, prefer a more a bit more passe-partout card, but which unveils a new side of your holidays. A well-arranged landscape, a city illuminated at night or a flower typical of the region should satisfy them.

But what about cats?

For cat lovers of course, though, sometimes they will be annoyed to constantly find a cat in their mailbox. So surprise them!

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