Sunscreen products (creams, gels, oils or aerosols) are cosmetic products designed to protect against ultraviolet (UV) and UVB (UVB) damage if they are applied in accordance with the instructions on the packaging.
However, it is not true that these products completely protect from the sun and allow longer exposure. Caution must be exercised with regard to the time and duration of exposure.


Be careful in the sun:
The best protection is clothing for everyone (and especially children): hat, sunglasses, t-shirt;
Babies and young children should not be exposed to direct sunlight;
Sunburn is dangerous, especially in children;
Avoid direct exposure between 11 am and 3 pm;
Solar exposure must be progressive;
Sand, snow, water can reflect more than half of the sun’s rays on your skin;
Your sunscreen, anti UVB and anti UVA, must be renewed every 2 hours and after each bath, regardless of its protection index;
Use the sunscreen suitable for your skin type;
The solar protector is not intended to increase your exposure time;
In altitude and in the tropics, the sun protection factor of the product usually used must be increased.



UV Plus, Clarins

An oil-free SPF40 screen can be used on all skins.

Texture: Very, very fluid! It is a quasi liquid liquid, white with bluish reflections. Nevertheless, it does not leave any color on the skin.
Odor: It made me think of … bleach or chlorine. In any case, the odor does not seem natural.
Impression on the face: Thanks to the texture, the rendering is immediately light on the skin, it does not feel like wearing a sunscreen. Nevertheless, the finish is not matte.
Print at the end of the day: Throughout the day, this fluid does not stick and is not too felt. It fits easily under the foundation and at the end of the day, no mask effect!
Overall rating: 8/10. A very good sunscreen that fits perfectly into a face routine and that can be worn with makeup. On the other hand, its price is quite dissuasive.


Perfect skin cream, Vichy

An SPF50 + screen is recommended for sensitive and / or dry skin.

Texture: Fairly fluid. It is a fluid cream that applies easily. On the other hand, to avoid white traces, it is necessary to massage the product.
Odor: Fairly perfumed, this cream does not have a clearly definable odor. Let’s say that for the amateurs of neutral perfumes, this one will be too pronounced.
Impression on the face: To be reserved for the dry skins! The finish is a bit sticky on my oily skin, so I recommend it to other skin types. For make-up, prefer a powder texture on top so as not to feel like suffocating your skin.
Impression at the end of the day: I did not support this cream … there again fault to oily skin. On dry skin, the risk is still to shine.
Overall rating: 6/10. A product that has an interesting protection and a real texture suitable for dry skin. For others, this is not the one you need!


Very high protection solar reflex, Avène

A pocket format, SPF50 +, which is intended to be “non-comedogenic”.

Texture: A creamy cream, slightly thick. It does not leave any white traces.
Odor: Neutral. No particular odor, this cream does not “feel”.
Impression on the face: It is too rich for mixed to oily skin! Result, it sticks a little.
Impression at the end of the day: Again, too rich for me, I did not like the feeling at the end of the day. Nevertheless, on a dry skin, the result is much better, without any sticky effect or other.
Overall Rating: 7/10, a pleasant cream for normal to dry skin, and a truly ideal texture.


Clairial very high solar protection, SVR

This sunscreen is anti-stain (it treats them and prevents their formation), so advised to those who suffer from brown spots, melasma or scars. It has an SPF50 +.

Texture: Very fluid! A small amount is enough for the whole face. It leaves a brilliant finish and has great risks of white traces: do not hesitate to massage well!
Odor: Neutral. The cream has only a very light odor, which flies quickly.
Impression on the face: A little sticky at the beginning of application, it is nevertheless well absorbed by the skin.
Impression at the end of the day: Over the hours, I could observe that my skin was more oily than usual with this cream. So, a light makeup is a must!
Overall rating: 7/10, a very good formula for those who suffer from spots, but a too shiny finish that will not suit mixed skins to oily, shame!